Our July monthly Meetup was conducted by Brittany Kearney and Ben Tshipamba PACE.

Program of All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE) of the Southern Piedmont is here to help the aging.  Pace is a Medicare not for profit, Medicaid State option program.  The provide care services for adults age and older.

The purpose of PACE program is to provide health care services to enhance the quality of life for older adults.  But their number one goal is to empower the aging population with the choice to live in their home for as long as they can.

PACE's all-inclusive care services includes Medical, Dental, Meals, Transportation, Personal Care and much more.

                Check here for more information on PACE.

Take a walk in our socks

After our delicious lunch and educational speaking portion of our meetup, Brittany and Beni, our speakers from pace, sponsored a Create-a-sock fun workshop. The workshop was conducted by Chris Kline and Pat Minchin of Blue Heel. The attendees collaborated to create a pair of socks. They created it from their prospective as caregivers.

Blue Heel, is an Interactive Product Design Company specializing in Custom Sock & Shirt creation. They are best known for their Virtual Design & Mosaic Workshops. They believe in using their platform & products as a canvas to inspire collaboration. They make great products but they provide an even better experience. So, if your group is looking for a unique way to connect, click here to visit their website.

Take a minute to look at the video below. The Frankie Mae Foundation's founder, Venitra White-Dean called it "painfully beautiful."