Who we are

Frankie Mae Foundation is a non profit that specializes in Caregiver Respite Service. Frankie Mae strives to provide the right services for caregivers. We hope to give caregivers peace of mind.

VISION: We envision a community where no caregiver struggles emotionally, physically or financially in caring for their loved one.

As the saying goes, "Knowledge is Power". We are here to empower the caregiver. We give them the knowledge that they need to make life easier. We will help caregivers navigate through the process.

What We Do

  • We host Monthly Meetups where family caregivers are able to fellowship with other caregivers. We have a speaker, a catered lunch, a fun activity, and giveaways

  • We host a bi-monthly virtual Caregiver Chat where caregivers can talk candidly to other caregivers

  • We have a free Caregiver Store where caregivers can shop for toiletries needed for their day-to-day journey

Free Caregiver Store

The Free Caregiver store is an amazing resource for caregivers who are looking for supplies and equipment to assist them in caring for their loved ones. This store offers a wide range of products specifically designed to meet the unique needs of caregivers and their patients. From medical supplies such as bandages and medication organizers, to mobility aids like walkers and wheelchairs, the store has everything a caregiver could possibly need. What's even better is that all of these items are provided free of charge, making it easier for caregivers to access the resources they need without worrying about the financial burden. The Free Caregiver store truly understands the challenges that caregivers face and is committed to supporting them in any way possible.

Come enjoy a guilt-free, no judgment zone shopping experience on the last Saturday of every month, after our monthly meetup. We meet in the Ministry Center at Weeping Willow AME Zion Church.

Where We Are

Let's talk

You are important to us. Listening to your feedback and reading your comments helps us help you.  Contact us if you have any questions, comments, information, or request.  We will get back to you.